Sentinel Software Suite

Sentinel empowers you to identify and resolve opportunity for more accurate, complete and compliant billing. The underlying expert logic of Sentinel is based on our extensive field experience assisting hundreds of hospitals nationwide to identify and correct coding and billing inaccuracies.


Healthcare providers face a dizzying array of new regulations and increased enforcement actions designed to combat fraud and abuse. It has never been more important for providers to identify areas of compliance weakness and develop solutions before these problems multiply.

I10 Coding Experts

I10 rules can be overwhelming and education is a vital component to every successful revenue cycle management and compliance program. Our customized training addresses every setting and discipline, delivering critical information to your physicians and revenue cycle team.

Data Analysis

In today’s healthcare arena providers need guidance to analyze the large volume of data that they acquire. We combine data with business insight to help you to make fact-based decisions and to achieve better outcomes.

Revenue Management

Our Charge Description Master (CDM) and Charge Capture services assist providers to create a robust Revenue Cycle Management. Our services focus on the entire revenue cycle and ensures maximum revenue potential while mitigating compliance risks.