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How patient charges are established can have a significant impact on a hospital's bottom-line. It is crucial for hospitals to consider both the compliance and financial aspects when establishing patient charges.

PCS affords hospitals the opportunity to evaluate and compare charging practices against both a peer group and specific providers. In a competitive environment, it is very important that hospitals are aware of their position in the marketplace and have access to data enabling them to make appropriate adjustments to their charge structure.

Our rate setting consulting professionals have a long history and a proven track record of success with literally hundreds of rate setting engagements generating startling benefits. PCS will:

  • Develop and document an appropriate patient charging philosophy and formalize objectives, thus shielding your hospital from accusations of inappropriate price establishment practice.

  • Establish an appropriate charging/write-down policy for the uninsured who legitimately cannot afford to pay for their care.

  • Develop a patient charge structure that meets the financial requirements of your hospital. Our approach considers both local market factors and your hospital's specific circumstances. Our pricing recommendations are compliant with regulations and are consistent with the hospital's stated philosophy and objectives.

Pricing that stands up to scrutiny.

PCS' pricing strategy reduces exposure to unwarranted criticism, unfavorable publicity and potential litigation regarding patient charging policy.

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