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File Transfers

Sharing files

Provider Consulting Solutions (PCS) uses My Docs Online to transfer files safely and securely. You can review My Docs Online HIPAA information here.

Below you will find directions on how to use this service. If you have any questions, please call our My Docs Administrator at 518-371-3036 ext.420.

How to Use My Docs Online

1. Go to:
2. Select Member Login
3. Enter the login information provided to you by our My Docs Administrator.

Note: Your user name and password is case sensitive. User names and passwords are regularly reset. If you cannot access the My Docs Online website with the information provided to you, please contact our My Docs Administrator*

Downloading Files

On the left side of your screen, click on the subfolder, under PCSFiles, that corresponds to the user name provided to you. Right click on each file and select "Save As," then choose the destination that you would like to save the file to.

Please inform our My Docs Administrator that you have completed your download.

Uploading Files

On the left side of your screen, click FILE UPLOAD. Choose the files you wish to upload by clicking Browse. When you have finished selecting your files, click UPLOAD FILE at the bottom of the page.

  • You can upload up to five (5) files at one time. If you have more files to upload, complete the process for the first 5 and begin again until all of your files have been uploaded.

Please inform our My Docs Administrator as to when the files are available to be retrieved.

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