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Charge Description Master

PCS' CDM Services assist providers to assure the completeness and accuracy of itemized services within their CDM, and decrease compliance risk in accordance with regulatory requirements. The PCS Immediate Update Review allows providers to determine if a full Comprehensive Review is warranted. PCS also offers Departmental Focused CDM Reviews, conducted on individual target areas.

Charge Description Master (CDM) Comprehensive Review

PCS' assessment includes a line-by-line review of HCPCS-driven services with analysis and change recommendations, including proposed modifications to HCPCS, revenue codes, modifiers, units and descriptions on the CDM; providing the right solution for you. Issues pertaining to your Charge Description Master are revealed and corrected.

  • Improving billing accuracy for outpatient services
  • Identifying and correcting compliance issues
  • Assuring department CDMs include specific patient services provided
  • Analyzing order entry screens/encounter forms/charge tickets ensuring all services are included and correctly linked to the CDM.
CDM Departmental Focused Review

Hospitals can optimize the effectiveness of a CDM review by including a review of the charge entry system. Often a hospital will learn they have a problem with charges not making it to the bill for a certain department(s). This can best be resolved by looking at the bigger picture, i.e., looking at the order entry together with the CDM. A pharmacy review for instance includes the formulary, and possibly the PIXYS file, as well as the CDM. Reviews for other departments include the electronic order entry file or the paper encounter forms. The review looks at each charge from it its inception at the order through to the CDM.

CDM Maintenance

The PCS' CDM Maintenance Service offers providers a quick and inexpensive method to identify issues pertaining to Charge Description Masters. This service consists of a desk-audit comparison of your facility's CDM to our own, up-to-date, proprietary CDM file, current with all Medicare rules and regulations. PCS offers this service throughout the year.


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